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Robert Brandy

Face à lui-même - 50 ans de carrière

With the exhibition Robert Brandy face à lui-même, the National Museum of History and Art proposes to explore half a century of creation by an artist from Luxembourg as popular as he is renowned.

  • adultes 7€
  • étudiants Free

At the beginning of his career, Brandy quickly made a name for himself in the art world thanks to a determination that was rare in Luxembourg in the 1970s: to make his passion his profession and make a living from his art in his own country. By adopting this posture of the free and independent artist, Brandy will create a myth around him and unknowingly pave the way for other artists.

The exhibition at the MNHA highlights two aspects: on the one hand, the extent of Brandy's career (1971-2021) through a selection of works representative of the evolution of his artistic expression. It will therefore be possible to follow and to understand the evolution of his artistic language from the beginning to the present day.

On the other hand, it is a question of illustrating Brandy's role in the art-history of Luxembourg as one of the pioneers of the professionalisation of the independent artist at a crucial moment for the development of the art sector.