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The MNHA - tailored offers | 15.09.2021 - 15.07.2022

Customised activities/projects


Are you looking to develop a project with your class that combines the theoretical elements covered during the course with practical activities? Our museum offers tailor-made projects adapted to the curriculum and themes of secondary education, as well as on artistic or historical topics.

Pupils will take an active part in developing a portfolio, a practical workshop, a group work or a project presentation and will experience leading a group, guiding a tour or moderate an activity independently, for instance in front of a primary school class. The museum offers the possibility of exhibiting the pupils' outcome in order to highlight their work and communicate the results to the general public.

Photography sessions in connection with the Edward Steichen collection, plastic art workshops using painting techniques ranging from ancient to contemporary art or experiments in connection with a pharmacy of the 19th century exhibited in the museum are just a few examples.

Take advantage of our flexibility in terms of the subject matter and the practical implementation of the projects and find out more about all the possibilities.

Projets sur mesure