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The number 2 is now available and online!

MUSEOMAG - The museum's magazine

Take your time and read our newest magazine in order to discover the latest highlights of our museums. These are the different reporting subjects: the delicate hanging of Roland Schauls' monumental work as well as an interview with the artist; the hanging of Carla van de Puttetlaar's photographic retrospective; the coverage of the international colloquium on the centenary of universal suffrage; the testimony of Mr. Laux, great-grandson of a former Luxembourg legionnaire; an interview with Alfred Seiland, photographer prevented from concluding his photographic project on Iran; an article on polychromy in the 17th century; a look back at the artillery study day at the M3E; an insight into Pit Molling's drawing workshop as well as into the makeup workshop for kids. Have a good read!