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The museum just a click away


In times of confinement, enjoy one of our 3D tours: take an immersive journey through our building, our thematic tours and our temporary exhibitions (about the Masters of the Spanish Baroque, about the florentine art of the baroque, about The Museum Project and about the photographic universe of Carla van de Puttelaar).

Scanned with a HR technology, the museum is thus accessible through an exciting digital experience. Aware of the complexity of its building and aiming to illustrate the vast extent of its exhibitions rooms as well as the diversity of its temporary exhibitions and collections, the MNHA offers on its website a tab "3D Visits" allowing an exploration in detail of the interior of its building and of the different thematic tours: Archaeology, Arts and Crafts, Coins and Medals, Fine Arts (Old Masters / Modern and Contemporary Art / Art in Luxembourg).

Unlike simple shots of exhibition rooms, the 3D model allows not only to better understand the architecture of the building but also to give visitors an immersive experience encouraging them to discover the site. The 3D models of the MNHA are now easily available on smartphones and tablets and can also be explored in Virtual Reality using VR-goggles like the Google Cardboard or the Occulus Gear VR.

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De Mena 3 D
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