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The MNHA reopens on 12 January 2021

Fight against Covid-19: new measures

Every museum in Luxembourg reopens from 11 January 2021.

From 11 january 2021, according to the new restrictions imposed by the government in order to limit and slow down the spread of the COVID-19 virus, every museum in Luxembourg reopens from 11 January 2021.

Group visits (guided or not) and any other activity organized at the museum are to be considered as gatherings and are therefore limited to a total of 10 participants (plus tour guide), respecting the 2-meter social distancing rule.

Mass gatherings (max. 100 people) are subject to the conditions of seating and a guaranty of minimum distance of two meters.

The wearing of the mask (which the visitor is required to have with him) during all the visit of the museum as well as hand disinfection at the entrance of each exhibition space are compulsory.

Registration by phone or email is mandatory prior to all activities or group visits: T.: +352 479330 - 214 or E.: email hidden; JavaScript is required