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André Thyes works in the public domain

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The Luxembourgish artist André Thyes (1867-1952) was best known for his luminous landscapes, which he painted in the style of Impressionism and Pointillism. The MNHA has a number of works by Thyes in its collection, which are now available to browse online 70 years after the artist's death. Discover these stunning aquarelles and paintings on our collections platform.

André Thyes (1867-1952) | Landscape on the Sûre | 20th century | Watercolour on paper | Signed bottom left (A. Thyes) | Bequeathed by Jean Pastoret | Coll. MNHA

André Thyes (1867-1952) | Landscape | 1922 | Oil on canvas | Signed and dated bottom left (A. Thyes 1922) | Coll. MNHA

André Thyes (1867-1952) | Mill in Bivels |1932 | Watercolour on paper |
Signed and dated bottom left (A. Thyes 1932) | Coll. MNHA

André Thyes (1867-1952) | Around Schlindermanderscheid | 1916 | Oil on Canvas | Signed and dated bottom left (A. Thyes 1916) | Coll. MNHA