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20.03.2020 - 06.12.2020

Brushed by Light

Carla van de Puttelaar

New temporary exhibition

For over 20 years, the internationally celebrated artist Carla van de Puttelaar has created a large photographic oeuvre that features predominantly female nudes, portraits and flowers. She developed a very personal style and only works with daylight. She focuses on the skin in particular, cherishing all the details such as moles, goose bumps, and imprints of clothes. She has worked on various series inspired by Old Master paintings, such as the Cranach and Rembrandt Series. In 2017, she initiated the acclaimed portrait series Artfully Dressed: Women in the Art World.

The 78 works of her upcoming retrospective Brushed by Light at the National Museum of History and Art Luxembourg provide an overview of the artist’s career from the mid-nineties until today.

Highlighting all aspects of her oeuvre, the hanging’s main focus rests on photography. Additionally, five videos with sound will be exhibited. Moreover, the artist specifically created for the exhibition a series of photographs inspired by the museum’s collection of Old Masters such as the magnificent Pietà by the Flemish painter Theodoor van Loon.

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20165 Rembrandt Series0 W0 A9663

© Carla van de Puttelaar

Carla van de Puttelaar, Old Masters Series: Pietà, 2018.

Carla van de Puttelaar, Old Masters Series: Pietà, 2018.

Rembrandt Series1

© Carla van de Puttelaar

Rembrandt Series0 W0 A9799

© Carla van de Puttelaar