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Renc'Art - Force pump

Force pump, ca. 260 AD, Bertrange

In addition to the traditional regular visits, "Renc'Art" offers to explore a particular work of art every month within 20 minutes. Beyond a detailed analysis of the art object, this spotlight aims to generate an always new look at the national collections and to stimulate their reception. This formula is offered eight times a month, on Tuesday lunchtimes at 12.30 pm and Thursday evenings at 7 pm, and each week the selected work is explained in one of the four following languages: French, German, English and Luxembourgish. Admission is free for these visits.

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During the emergency excavation of the Roman villa site in Bertrange - Bourmicht, a two-cylinder wooden pump was discovered in April 1998. It was installed in a well inside an annex of the villa.

At the time of its discovery, the pump was in an excellent state of preservation, due to the humid environment in which it had been kept for centuries.

The fact that it was found with all its components has made it possible to clarify the precise technical functioning of the pump.

Of the thirty or so similar pumps found in the western provinces of the Roman Empire, the Bertrange pump is probably the best preserved.