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Nuit des Musées 2022

Saturday, 8th October 2022

The 21st edition of the Night of the Museums awaits you with a special program of guided tours, music, performances, workshops, culinary surprises and a festive all-nighter at MUDAM.

The program at MNHA

Children's workshop - creative workshop from 5pm - 9pm (multilingual)

Be inspired by Gast Michels' play of colours and patterns to create your own small magnetic works of art to take home as souvenirs.

Guided tours of the exhibition Gast Michels (1954 - 2013): Movement in Colour, Form and Symbols

17h30 in French

19h30 in English

22h in Luxembourgish

Guided tours of the exhibition "The Colonial Past of Luxembourg"

18h in French

20h30 in English

21h30 in Luxembourgish

Guided tours of the exhibition "The rape of Europe. In solidarity with Ukraine"

18h30 in French

22h30 in Luxembourgish

23h30 in English

Guided tours Coup de Coeur

21h in Luxembourgish

23h in French

Theatre visits Mansfeld um Tour

19h and 20h in Luxembourgish

Ro Gebhardt's "INTERNATIONAL" Musical Performance

After NYC, Berlin and Paris, Ro Gebhardt, a well-known jazz guitarist in Germany, will perform at the "International" with his quartet at MNHA. The band, consisting of Ro Gebhardt on guitar, Alec Gebhardt on bass, Jeff Herr on drums and Armindo Ribeiro on piano, promises lively rhythms throughout the evening.

Children's workshop

Gast Michels (1954-2013) Movement in Colour, Form and Symbols

The colonial Past of Luxembourg

The Rape of Europe. In Solidarity with Ukraine

Mansfeld um Tour - Theatre Visit

Ro Gebhard's International