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Online Publication Portal

MNHA Collections - - is a digital platform allowing any browser to access the museum's collections currently published online as well as all information about the digitalised objects (metadata, zooming views, previous publications, virtual exhibitions).

Your museum visit tailored to your liking!

Why not start your visit with a brief, instructive overview of the history of the country and of the museum since 1839. Next, you are invited to continue your tour by discovering the various collections according to your own focuses.

Four different tours through the permanent exhibitions are offered (A for Archaeology, B for Coins and Medals, C for Arts and Crafts, D for Fine-Arts with a specific tour dedicated to Steichen The Photographer) as well as a discovery tour for families Luxembourg for kids.

Finally, you can extend your virtual experience by browsing through our collections in an immersive 3D mode.


from Prehistory to the Middle Ages

+ Infos 3D tour

Coins and Medals

+ Infos 3D tour

Arts and Crafts

from Mansfeld to Design

+ Infos 3D tour