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Njörd MNHA The cosy stay

Njörd est un concept de restauration rapide très qualitative, inspiré par les valeurs et le mode de vie scandinaves. Njörd propose des recettes simples, saines et plaisir, à déguster dans les Njörd kantine, aux atmosphères confortables et apaisantes.

Profitez de -10% sur votre consommation du jour chez Njörd MNHA sur simple présentation de votre ticket d'entrée le jour des visites RENC'ART.

RENC'ART - Artwork of the Month
Tue: 12.30 a.m. and Thu: 7 p.m.

Within the framework of our regular guided tours, "Renc'Art"
is a monthly invitation for a close-up view of one masterpiece.
During these short encounters (about 20 minutes), one work of
art is analysed in depth, always leading to surprising insights.
Focusing on a single work renews our gaze on the national
collections, and its reception.

These tours are offered eight times per month, on Tuesdays at
lunchtime (12.30 p.m.) and on Thursdays in the evening (7 p.m.),
each week in one of the four languages on offer (French, German,
English and Portuguese). Free entry.