The newly developed shop of pharmacist Nicolas Lechen

Originally located at the corner of Grand- Rue and Côte d'Eich in Luxembourg City, Nicolas Lechen's pharmacy dates back to 1833. With its Restoration-style furniture, it has the flair of a luxury store.

Like German pharmacies, it has a counter with columns supporting a structure that was used to hang oil lamps for lighting and scales for more delicate weighing operations. The mortars were used to grind roots, barks and spices and to crush powders for making pills.

The walls are lined with cabinets containing a total of 150 drawers labelled with the names of herbs and medicinal plants. On the shelves, earthenware jugs were used to store syrups, honeys and oils while cylindrical pots held balms and plant extracts. On the upper shelves, hundreds of small glass flasks were used to store various substances. The top sections of the corner cabinets were reserved for the "separanda", substances that had to be kept away from other drugs. And finally, the two cabinets between the corners were used to store poisons ("venena").

WILTHEIM Wing - Cellar (-1)