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Introduction "A citizens' safeguarding campaign that is a first in the Grand Duchy"


"Our museum is being offered the opportunity to acquire a work of art that represents a landmark in what concerns its artistic quality and its historical importance for Luxembourg. 

Called View of the Larochette Castle, it was painted in 1848 by one of the most famous artists of the time, Barend Cornelis Koekkoek (1803-1862). It was commissioned by none less than the King of the Netherlands and Grand Duke of Luxembourg, William II (1840-1849), the Grand Duke who granted Luxembourgers their self-government after the London Treaty of 1839.

The painting is part of a cycle of great Luxembourgish landscapes that Guillaume II commissioned following a journey to Luxembourg in 1845, and for which he had invited the painter. Of the eight paintings that were made, only four are presently accounted for.  

Here, then, is a unique opportunity to enrich our national collections with a romantic Luxembourgish landscape by one of the greatest landscapists of his time, a work of exceptional artistic and historic value.

The investment needed is far too large for the museum's acquisition budget. This is why - following the example of other public institutions, such as the Louvre and the National Gallery - we are launching this fundraising appeal within the framework of a crowdfunding campaign. We firmly believe that the public will acknowledge the importance of this national challenge and support us in our endeavour to acquire the painting.

This is a first for the museum. The National Cultural Fund and the association The Friends of Art and History Museums agreed to join our campaign for awareness, and so has the Embassy of the Netherlands in Luxembourg. Please note that any donation above 50€ may be tax deductible.

The MNHA thanks all future donors in advance! "

Michel Polfer, director of the MNHA