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Above all a campaign for awareness

What's a public subscription?

It is an endeavour of participative financing (crowdfunding), inviting individuals or companies to commit themselves with a pledge to co-finance an action or work of public interest.  


Why mobilize popular sponsorship?

For the first time in its history, the MNHA appeals to citizens to mobilize for a heritage acquisition. Every inhabitant of the country is invited to be part of this citizenship effort. By becoming a subscribing citizen, each donor, in his own measure, helps the museum to reach its objective.

With this campaign, the MNHA seeks more than a financial endeavour, we want to raise public awareness for the importance of the safeguard and transmission of the heritage that constitutes our collective memory.

This crowdfunding campaign seeks to bring together the citizens of Luxembourg around a project of heritage safeguard: by making View of Larochette Castle a highlight of the public collections, this commission by the King and Grand Duke William II will be preserved and enhanced in Luxembourg in an institution of public interest.


How can we bring citizens together around this public interest campaign?

This campaign will be communicated through an information brochure and a series of guided tours around this painting, which has been temporarily lent by its owner in order to help the MNHA raise awareness for this endeavour, by reaching as many people as possible.

Within the framework of this campaign, there will also be a conference with Asker Pelgrom, a specialist in history of art of the 19th century and co-curator of the 2013 exhibition Painted for the King - B. C. Koekkoek and the Luxembourgish landscape.  Another lecture, on the life and work of William II, who commissioned the painting, is equally planned.

The museum created a websection dedicated to its campaign which explains the campaign, its modalities of participation (private persons/companies) and provides information on the evolution of the fundraiser.

All donors happy to be associated with this campaign of popular sponsorship, will be named on a list of donors to be displayed at the museum.

In order to encourage spontaneous donations, a donation box will also be installed in the Early Art room, next to Koekkoek's works currently on display.


How to guarantee the dynamic around this awareness campaign?

This campaign will not be successful without a public awareness campaign, which necessarily includes all media (radio, television, printed media, internet and social networks). This is why the MNHA invites all press representatives to give this action a strong voice, so that the painting will enter our permanent collection.

The National Cultural Fund (FOCUNA) will serve as a platform for the collection of funds and emit a certificate for tax deduction for all donations of 50€ and more.

As far as the association Friends of the Art and History Museums, Luxembourg is concerned, it is a precious ally and supports the campaign with a call for donations to their membership, as well as a strong endorsement of our endeavour, calling on the general population to participate in this campaign of citizenship. One of the objectives of the Amis des Musées goes in fact beyond their own contribution towards the enhancement of the d'staadermuséëen, and aims at the contribution towards their acquisition budgets in order to help enrich the museums' collections. Thus, the Amis des Musées have made numerous donations to their museums over the last 39 years ( 

Last, but not least, the obvious links between the Kingdom of the Netherlands and the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, led the Embassy of the Netherlands in Luxembourg to also join this subscription campaign.